Graduate Student and Early Career Scholar Travel Grant

The Graduate Student and Early Career Scholar Travel Grant provides up to $1,000 toward travel and registration expenses for the ASEEES Annual Convention or the CAA Annual Convention. Eligible candidates are graduate students and early career scholars and curators. “Early career” is defined as those who have been awarded the Ph.D. within the previous five years. Applications will be evaluated based on the merit of the paper, with preference given to applicants without other sources of institutional support. Applicants need not be SHERA members at the time of application, but recipients are required to join SHERA in order to accept the grant. The Travel Grant is made possible by a generous donation from an anonymous donor. Deadline for the Travel Grant is generally soon after the notice of acceptance of papers by ASEEES and CAA.

Past Winners

  • CAA 2024

    Katya Denysova

    University of Tübingen

    “Not Russian and not Avant-Garde: When Existing Art Historical Terminology Fails.”

  • CAA 2024

    Barbora Bartunkova

    Yale University

    “Defying Fascism: The Surrealist Art of Toyen and Tita in Nazi-Occupied Prague and Paris.”

  • ASEEES 2023

    Dilrabo Tosheva

    Yale University

    “Architectural History and the Search for the Sogdian Origins in the Soviet Period”

  • ASEEES 2022

    Cosmin Minea

    New Europe College, Bucharest

    “Competing Ideas about the Romanian Identity: National Monuments and New Church Buildings in Interwar Transylvania”

  • ASEEES 2022

    Ksenia Litvinenko

    The University of Manchester

    “Cultural Translations through Print: Gproteatr Institute’s International Entanglements in the 1960s-80s”

  • CAA 2020

    Anna Paluch

    Carleton University

    “From Turtle Island to Vistula’s Shores: Indigenous and Slavic Futurisms in Dialogue”

  • ASEEES 2019

    Yulia Karpova

    Open Society Archives, Budapest

    “Late Soviet Studio Ceramics as a Site of Institutional Critique”

  • CAA 2019

    Ekaterina Heath

    University of Sydney

    “Picturing Cathay in Russia: Political use of Chinoiserie interiors under Empress Elisabeth Petrovna and Emperor Peter III”

  • ASEEES 2018

    Denis Stolyarov

    Courtauld Institute of Art

    “Contested Spaces: Radical Potential in the Post-Soviet Art Gallery”

  • CAA 2017

    Maria Lanko

    University of Aberdeen

    “Participation and Collectivity in Art of the Soviet and post-Soviet Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine since the 1970s”