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  • Exhibition: Feasts: Earthly Celebrations of Heavenly Events (Museum of Russian Icons, Clinton, MA; September 26 - November 7, 2015)

    The new exhibition showcases 30+ rare icons depicting significant feast days on the Russian Orthodox calendar commemorating the annual cycle of holy days, the veneration of saints and the Church’s twelve major feast days. The show also underscores icons role as tangible markers or symbols of noteworthy events.

    The goal of the exhibition is to increase visitors’ understanding of the Russian Orthodox lifestyle, by exploring how and why the church celebrates events in the life of Christ and the Virgin Mary, and how this reasoning is reflected in iconography. It hopes to show that these feasts are an integral and on-going part of Russian life, fully integrating the church into their daily life and routine. In this way, the exhibition will allow visitors to see icons not only as ancient objects and artifacts but part of the fabric of the living church and their function in the daily life of Russian Orthodox - and hopefully, in the future visitors will explore the museum by seeing icons in a different, “living” context.

    By exploring icons as markers of significant events and feasts throughout the year, this exhibition will foster a greater understanding of Russian life by viewing it through the lens of the church. Additionally, this exhibition hopes to impart a new appreciation of icons by seeing them in the light of an ancient, on-going church cycle in place for centuries and still valid and true today.

  • Exhibition: Mother of God: Images, Traditions, and Roots (Museum of Russian Icons, Clinton, MA; September 11, 2015 - January 1, 2016)

    Special Temporary Exhibit

    Out of storage and on display for the first time is a selection of sixteen Mother of God icons and Byzantine objects that trace the development of the image of the Mother of God in the Orthodox tradition. This temporary exhibit, located in the Entrance Gallery, is part of an ongoing series that takes a closer look at the Museum’s permanent collection.

  • Lecture: "From the Kiev Lavra to London & LA: The Kiev Caves Monastery's 'Royal Doors' - Context, Function and Displacement" (Museum of Russian Icons, Clinton, MA; September 19, 2015)

    Saturday, September 19 3:00-4:00 p.m.

    Edward Kasinec of Columbia University will give a richly illustrated lecture that traces the history and tortuous movements of a pair of monumental silver-gilt 18th century royal doors from the Kyiv (Kiev) Caves Monastery. The doors were confiscated and sold by Soviet authorities in the 1920s and changed hands many times over five decades before being divided between the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The path through the 20th century of these two masterworks also serves as a prism for examining broader questions of cultural heritage and the displacement of art.

    Presented in partnership with Ballets Russes Arts Initiative.

    $8 Members, $12 Non-members, $1 off with WOO card. Includes Museum admission. Pre-registration strongly suggested at (978) 598-5000 x21.