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Journal of Icon Studies

  • ANN: New Publications in Journal of Icon Studies

    The Museum of Russian Icons is pleased to announce several new publications in its Journal of Icon Studies.

    Fabian Heffermehl of the University of Oslo has publichsed an article entitled “The Icon and the Hand: Acheiropoeisis (Nerokotvornost’) as a Literary Technique in Shalamov’s Glove.”

    Raoul Smith has written a brief report in the Occasional Papers section for in-house research of the Journal website, entitled “Observations on some lexical and paleographic features of an inscription on Icon R2007.46 ‘Mother of God, In thee rejoiceth.’”

    Clemena Antonova of the Univestiy of Cologne has published two recent exhibition reviews: “A Giotto Exhibition in Milan” and “The Icon Collection at the Archaeology Museum in Nessebar, Bulgaria.”

    All of these can be accessed at the Museum of Russian Icons website