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  • Conference: Mapping Early Soviet Union by “Participant Observation” in Literature, Film, and Photography (1920-1930s) (University of Zurich; Oct. 9-10, 2015)

    Conference of the Institute of Slavic Studies at University of Zurich

    Mapping Early Soviet Union by “Participant Observation” in Literature, Film, and Photography (1920-1930s)

    Friday, 9th Oct. 2015
    Main building, Ramistr. 71, room KOL-H-317
    9.00 Sylvia Sasse, Tatjana Hofmann: introduction

    Mapping by Photography

    9.30 Anja Burghardt (Munich): The presentation of non-Russian ethnicities in the journals Sovetskoe foto and SSSR na stroike
    10.15 Martin Hinze (Freiburg): Soviet Union’s topography – horizontal or vertical? Novyi Lef and the discussion on photography in 1928
    11.30 Devin Fore (Princeton): Observation and agnosia: Tret’iakov’s photography
    12.15 > Lunch <

    Production and Cartography
    14.00 Igor Chubarov (Moscow): Эстетика производства как прием картографии новой Советской страны – воспитание коллективной чувственности

    Mapping by Film
    14.45 Barbara Wurm (Berlin): On tracks and facts. Aleksandr Litvinov’s Lesnye ljudi (1928) and Po debrjam Ussurijskogo kraja (1928)
    15.30 > Coffee break <
    16.00 Franziska Thun (Berlin): Tret’iakov’s texts on Georgia and the movie Sol’ Svanetii
    16.45 Discussion

    Saturday, 10th Oct. 2015
    Institute of Slavic Studies, Plattenstr. 43, room 111

    Appropriating the Other: Focus China
    9.00 Lars Kleberg (Stockholm): The double view in Tret’iakov’s Deṅ Sǐ -chua (aka A Chinese Testament )
    9.45 Mark Gamsa (Tel Aviv), Tatjana Hofmann (Zurich): Sergei Tret’iakov’s Čžungo: Reportage from China in the 1920s.

    Observation and Theatre
    10.45 > Coffee break <
    11.15 Pavel Arseniev (Lausanne/Petersburg): Китайское путешествие С. Третьякова: поэтический захват действительности по пути к “литературе факта”
    13.30 Denis Ioffe (Gent): Mapping Sergei Tretyakov’s play Roar China! as a documentary simulacrum. The decorations of truth and the radical theatricality between Tretyakov and Meyerhold
    14.15 Edward Tyerman (Barnard College): “I sing on behalf of the Chinese”: Sergei Tret’iakov’s poem Roar China between documentary and myth
    15.00 > Coffee break <

    In Search of the Soviet Gaze
    15.30 Evgeny Pavlov (Canterbury): Mapping the Caucasus (with Goethe and Kant): Andrei Bely’s attempts at Soviet travel writing
    16.15 Susanne Stratling (Berlin/Konstanz): The author as researcher. Boris Pil’niak’s writing expeditions
    17.00 Concluding discussion