CFP: International Congresses of the Towns and Cities of Peter the Great (St. Petersburg, June 9-11, 2014)

The International Congresses of the Towns and Cities of Peter the Great take place every year in St. Petersburg at the time of the tsar’s birthday, 9 June. The 6th Congress will form part of the official programme of the Russia-UK Year of Culture.

The organizers of the Congress on the Russian side are the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the State Hermitage, the Peterhof State National Park Museum, the Institute of Peter the Great, and the Dmitry Likhachev Foundation.

The object of the Russia-UK Congress is to open new pages in the history of cultural relations between our two countries, to affirm the mutual benefits of cultural cooperation, and to initiate new cultural projects.

At the Congress, the following areas are proposed as subjects for discussion:

  • The British contribution to Russian culture, science and technology. Cultural and scientific interchange

  • The British colony in St Petersburg and other towns in the Russian Empire

  • Russians in Britain, the British in Russia. Mutual images and stereotypes. Tourism and exploration. Russian émigrés in Britain.

  • Interchange in the arts: literature, music, performing arts, architecture painting, film; visits of theatrical, operatic and dance companies, orchestras, solo artists. Translation. Role of journals.

  • The English language in Russia, the Russian language in Britain. Dictionaries and grammars and their authors.

  • Russo-British contacts as exemplified in museum collections. book holdings, natural history and mineral collections, exhibitions.

  • The Russian theme in English literature; Britain and the British in Russian literature.

  • The working languages of the Congress are Russian and English.

In order to take part in the Congress it is essential to submit BEFORE 31 MARCH 2014 an application that provides the following details: full name, place of employment and position, contact details (e-mail; home and mobile telephone numbers; fax) and a short synopsis of the proposed paper (1000-1800 characters).

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to select the papers to be delivered at the Congress.

The Organizing Committee will provide accommodation and subsistence in St. Petersburg from 8 to 12 June 2014 for out-of-town and foreign participants.

The Organizing Committeee operates within the framework of the Dmitry Likhachev Foundation. It can be contacted in the following ways:
Phone/fax: +7 812 272 29 12
Phone: +7 812 272 91 43

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