Call for proposals: 1.5-hr SHERA panel at CAA 2015

As an affiliate of CAA, SHERA is eligible for an hour-and-a-half special session at the upcoming CAA conference, to be held February 11-14, 2015 in New York. We are looking for volunteers to chair or co-chair a SHERA-sponsored panel and to come up with a broadly-formulated theme that explicitly appeals to the full range of our members' interests, both geographical and chronological. Since SHERA already has a 2.5 hour session on an art-historical theme being co-chaired by Maria Taroutina and Galina Mardilovich, we would especially welcome proposals on teaching methods and strategies, or a non-panel format such as a round table discussion.

Please send your ideas and proposals to by May 15.

Apart from coming up with a theme and a call for papers, the chair(s) will need to find three speakers for the 90-minute session. The deadline for submitting this information to the CAA website, including the speakers’ names and titles of their papers, is June 20, but the submitted information may be modified until September 5.

You have to be a member of SHERA to chair a panel and present at CAA. However, you do not have to join SHERA to be considered as a chair or to submit a paper proposal. Once your proposal is accepted, you are expected to join our organization.

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