CFP: SHERA panel at CAA 2016: Exploring Native Traditions in Eastern Europe, Russia, and Eurasia

Exploring Native Traditions in Eastern Europe, Russia, and Eurasia Deadline for proposals: May 8, 2015 E-mail proposals to Alison Hilton, Georgetown University
For more information about eligibility for presenting at CAA and necessary paperwork, see here.

A cultural crossroads throughout history, this region and its arts assimilated and reacted to a succession of invading and dominating cultures from Greek, Roman, and Byzantine to Mongol, Ottoman, and Soviet. Interactions between local traditions and external artistic sources varied greatly with time, place, and social circum- stances. Within a broad historical and geographical framework, the session will balance the significance of international contacts, including professional training in urban centers, and the experi- ences of artists who worked primarily in their native regions. Artists expressed regional identities through distinctive themes and motifs in every art form; some made use of traditional techniques and designs or represented provincial spaces, distinct ethnicities, and social customs. Papers may focus on individual artists or on broader institutional contexts that affected evolving concepts of regionalism and nationalism. The discussions might also address contemporary tensions surrounding regional and national identity.

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