Lectures: Slade Lectures in Fine Art, 2015 (University of Cambridge; October 13 - December 1, 2015)

Slade Lectures in Fine Art, 2015
University of Cambridge, Mill Lane Lecture Rooms
Tuesday 13th October - Tuesday, 1 December, 2015, at 5 p.m.

Professor John E. Bowlt

“Suddenly I forgot which comes first, 7 or 8”. Making Sense of the Russian Avant-Garde

The dramatic experiments in Russian art of the early 20th century constitute a primary contribution to the history of Modernism. The twilight aura of Symbolism, the disruption of Cubo-Futurism and the extreme heat of Revolutionary culture generated ideas, movements and styles which undermined traditional values, crossed disciplines and established radical visual codes. The object of this cycle of lectures is to revisit these innovations and to place them in a comparative context — taking due account of concurrent philosophical doctrines, material culture, the literary and performing arts and socio-political change.

13 October

  1. In vino veritas? My Sentimental Journey into Russian Art.

20 October

  1. Sergei Diaghilev: “Goodness me! What do I do with 2285 portraits?”

27 October

  1. Sweet Confections, Enchanted Nights: Léon Bakst in Wonderland.

3 November

  1. Trance, Transgression, Transmutation: Vasilii Kandinsky and the Other.

10 November

  1. Distorting Mirrors: Reflections on Marc Chagall, Natal’ia Goncharova, Kazimir Malevich….

17 November

  1. Pavel Filonov and Atomic Energy.

24 November

  1. “Write nothing! Read nothing! Say nothing! Print nothing!”. Zero and Revolution.

1 December

  1. Isis and Ra: Stalin as Pharaoh.

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