Exhibitions: Peripheral Visions: a Solo Exhibition of Olga Chernysheva (GRAD Gallery, London; October 2 — November 30 2015)


A special project of the Sixth Moscow Biennale, Peripheral Visions is a solo exhibition from the internationally celebrated, Moscow-based artist Olga Chernysheva, curated by GRAD Director Elena Sudakova.

A leading figure in the artistic generation of 1990s Moscow, internationally acclaimed artist Olga Chernysheva documents the interactions of people and objects with the structures and spaces of contemporary Russia. Her powerful images record strangers unselfconsciously navigating the practices of everyday life. Eschewing social criticism or judgement, she continues to document the people and objects that she feels are ignored by mainstream narratives. This exhibition highlights the power of an artistic ‘peripheral’ vision to broaden perceptions and bring attention to issues relegated to the margins of our everyday thought processes.

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