Conference: Russian Art: Building Bridges between East and West. In Memoriam Dmitry Sarabyanov (Bremen; 26-27 November 2015)

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Jacobs University, Campus Ring 1, Bremen, Germany, Room 32/33, Lab III (Laboratory for Behavioral and Social Sciences) November 26 - 27, 2015
Registration deadline: Nov 19, 2015


Russian Art and Culture Group, Third Graduate Workshop

Dmitry Sarabyanov (1923–2013), long-time head of the Department of Russian Art History at Moscow State University, was among the first scholars in the USSR to reconsider the so-called “formalist” artists, who had been denounced for ideological reasons, thus marking a turn in postwar Soviet thinking about Russian art. The third graduate workshop of the Russian Art and Culture Group focuses on a key aspect of Sarabyanov’s scholarship, the artistic dialogues between Russia and its neighbors to the west and to the east.


Thursday, November 26

10.00 Opening
Welcome Address, Prof. Dr. Isabel Wünsche

Russian Art from the 18th to the Early 20th Century between East and West
Chair: Sebastian Borkhardt

10.10 Russian Portraiture around 1800 between East and West
Dr. Antonia Napp, independent scholar, Lübeck

10.40 Valentin Serov’s Late Œuvre in the Context of Western and Eastern Art
Tanja Malycheva, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster/Moscow State University

11.10 Sleeping Beauty: A Western European Immigrant to Russian Culture
Ludmila Piters-Hofmann, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

11.40 Choreographing Otherness: The Ballets Russes and the Body between France and Russia
Lauren Bird, Queen’s University, Kingston

12.10 Discussion

12.40 Lunch (not included)

Cosmopolitan Art Collections: Sources of Adoration, Knowledge, and Inspiration
Chair: Tanja Malycheva

14.00 The Fate of a Flinck: Repetition, Replication, and Remembrance in the Reuse of a “Rembrandt” in Russia
Lilit Sadoyan, University of California, Santa Barbara

14.30 An Inspirational Milieu: Saint Petersburg Cosmopolitan Collections of Old Masters
Fabio Franz, University of Warwick

15.00 Kazimir Malevich and the Influence of the French Avant-Garde in Russian Art Collections
Mira Kozhanova, Centre Allemand d’Histoire de l’Art, Paris/Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main

15.30 Discussion

16.00 Coffee Break

Russian Artists and the Artists of the Middle and Far East: Correspondences
Chair: Miriam Häßler

16.30 Orientalism(s) in Two Empires: Comparing Vasily Vereshchagin and Osman Hamdi Bey
Fatma Coskuner, Koç University, Istanbul

17.00 Existentialism in the USSR and Vadim Sidur’s Sculptures of the 1960s
Hoon Suk Lee, Moscow State University

17.30 Discussion

18.00 Dinner (not included)

19.00 Guest Lecture: Painting at a Distance: Russian Artists Abroad from the Age of Catherine the Great
Dr Rosalind Polly Blakesley, University of Cambridge

21.00 Reception

Friday, November 27

The Impact of Russian Art in the First Half of the 20th Century and Beyond
Chair: Tanja Malycheva

10.00 First Encounters: The Spread of Russian Constructivism in the West and the Role of Émigré Hungarian Avant-Garde in Vienna (1919-1924)
Merse Pál Szeredi, Kassák Museum/Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

10.30 Anatole Kopp: The Communist Utopia of a French Modernist
Olga Yakushenko, European University Institute, Florence

11.00 Cinematism & Formalism: Sergei Eisenstein as Art Historian
Hanin Hannouch, IMT, Lucca

11.30 Discussion

12.00 Lunch (not included)

Russian Artists in Europe in the 19th and 20th Centuries
Chair: Sebastian Borkhardt

13.30 Mark Antokolsky and Naum Aronson: Russian Sculpture and the West in the 19th Century
Nicolas Laurent, Université de Paris Ouest Nanterre

14.00 Exiled Russian and Ukrainian Artists in Prague During the Interwar Period: The Case of the Collection of Jirí Karásek of Lvovice
Jakub Hauser, Charles University/Museum of Czech Literature, Prague

14.30 Discussion

15.00 Coffee Break

Contemporary Russia and CIS States
Chair: Miriam Häßler

15.30 Ilya Kabakov: Is Russian Post-Avant-Garde Art a Post-Utopian Phenomenon?
Olga Keller, Justus-Liebig-University, Giessen

16.00 Two Belarusian Artists Abroad: The Work of Natalya Zaloznaya and Sergey Rimashevsky
Klawa Koppenol, RKD, The Hague

16.30 Discussion

17.00 Closing Note

Concept, Organization, and Contact Information: Sebastian Borkhardt and Tanja Malycheva

Attendance Fee: €10, binding registration by November 19

The Russian Art and Culture Group is based at Jacobs University, Bremen. Headed by Prof. Dr. Isabel Wünsche, it unites scholars and young researchers from Eastern and Western Europe.

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