Graduate Student and Independent Scholar Research Grant

The Graduate Student and Independent Scholar Research Grant supports research toward the completion of a thesis, dissertation, or publication. The grant can be used toward the cost of research travel or accommodations, the acquisition of image rights for publication, language study, and other related activities. Applications are limited to graduate students and scholars who do not hold a full-time position at an academic institution. Applicants must be SHERA members in good standing and must have membership in the organization for at least two consecutive years.

Past Winners

  • 2023

    Sierra Nota

    Stanford University

    For the dissertation project: “The Many Lives of Mezhyhirya: Property, Architecture, and Identity in Ukraine, 1786-2014”

  • 2023

    Angela Wheeler

    Harvard University

    For the dissertation project: “Between the Past and the Plan: Soviet Urban Heritage Planning, 1948-1989”

  • 2022

    Ludmila Piters-Hofmann

    Jacobs University Bremen, Germany

    For the dissertation project “Enchanting Russia: National Identity and Cosmopolitan Cultural Transfer in the Work of Viktor Vasnetsov”

  • 2022

    John Webley

    Yale University

    For the dissertation project “Occult Imperialism: Helena Blavatsky, Konstantin Bal’mont, and Nikolai Roerich”

  • 2021

    Anja Foerschner

    Independent Scholar

    For the book project “Female Agency in the Arts of Former Yugoslavia.”

  • 2021

    Galina Mardilovich

    Independent Scholar

    For the forthcoming monograph “Prints, Modernity, and Modernism in Russian Art, 1870–1916.”

  • 2019

    Kamila Kociałkowsa

    University of Cambridge

    For the dissertation project “Abstraction Beyond Art: The Aesthetics of Censorship and the Russian Avant Garde”